دور افتاده ...

شاید زندگی آن جشنی نباشد که آرزویش را داشتی اما حال که به آن دعوت شدی تا میتوانی زیبا برقص...


.I'm in dark spot, it feel like sitting in long hall which there is no light at end of it

I really want to believe but i just can't , there is no clear explanation. Some thing to hang at it and kick myself and say I'm wrong. How can i forget it when there is no excuses for it.

Bafflement it's very bad spot...

When i look back,  thinking ok i didn't achieve what i promise if he may broken one, that's ok but it's not same at all...
My issue it's myself for now, no the actual matter. 
What happened  is happen i can't change it, as matter a fact he is 99% good person and most important an human.

I have to walk away of it on my face but my heart is in deep dark!

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