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شاید زندگی آن جشنی نباشد که آرزویش را داشتی اما حال که به آن دعوت شدی تا میتوانی زیبا برقص...


Forgive, it's big thing and hard to do.
Forget looks easier but way to hard to wipe the memories!

Which one is more important not sure yet, but i know for moving forward of all good and bad things which come cross in life need both.
That means to have big heart, that big to bury every thing in it and calm soul to carry on and give peace to mind.

The key to calm soul it's GOD, it's holly book, it's religion.
To me, it's ALLAH and His words.

Nothing can bring calm and peace and happiness in to soul the way QURAN can do. Praying, it's another way of speaking to creator of universe. To thankful for what have given us (health, life, family, people to care about us,...) and chance to ask forgiveness for whatever we have done wrong and seeking right pat of life to be better person.

When light of ALLAH's words surround our heart, deep happiness cover our soul.
That's bring us faith which bright our mind, strong our heart, calm our soul and in result make us beautiful human being, the same thing ALLAH create us to be.

Things are getting settle, I'm getting bit calm and peace in my heart.
I'm trying to think positive and have trust.
I'm praying doesn't break!

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