دور افتاده ...

شاید زندگی آن جشنی نباشد که آرزویش را داشتی اما حال که به آن دعوت شدی تا میتوانی زیبا برقص...


It was day, I was lost in my head because I got wake-up slap from life and I was dazed by it.


I was new in anonymous world. It’s our way of thinking showed that who we are in this kind of world, so i happened to know beautiful talented artist human I have ever came cross, someone with all soul in her art. Some how became easy to read her thought to me and that’s made me start talking to her and she is so big, kind heart person start to listening.


The answer to my problems was in her art, those answers got me out of confusion, and I start looking to myself in the mirror again…

I found a woman was lost in life process, dugout and put myself together again piece by piece.


We became friends in face off world,  which we can be anyone and anything want to be real or fake, but once you have pure soul will come cross beautiful soles which they are noting then heart. It’s a feeling you get real, true, pure so then you be connected.

The way you feel like you know other for long time so you allow yourself step out of line and become close in conversations, I just been lucky to be accepted with her kind heart that much become so real which kind of not face off world anymore.


It’s relations between hearts, minds, visions, mysteries and power of saying which we have in our own ways.  That what I call TRUE FIRENDSHIP, you will be there anytime and any thing for an other. Will do what you can to show the road to dream, dream which is be best at your self. When we learn the best point of our self we are living the dream, then happiness, confident, pureness happens in our soul.

I saw in her and I leaned, I’m getting there.

The true friendship is mirror which she or he can show you what you need to see!!!

I can't repay her for changes she brought in to my life, accept work harder in my read so she can see my dream.

I'm so thankful to GOD for blessing me with her friendship...

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